Hadarom is a leading manufacturer in its field in Israel, producing superior quality food products for enriching pastries, dairy and ice-cream products, fruit delicacies, confectionaries and more.

Our selection of products include fruit filling pastes, special flavored fillings, processed fruit for the dairy and ice-cream industries, candied fruit, preserves, jams, syrups and other specialized products.

We have over fifty years of experience in the food industry, during which we have endeavored to constantly improve the knowledge, expertise and technologies used in our production processes.

Our R&D is available to customers wishing to develop products for their special needs (specifications, packaging and more), and our professional staff cooperates with our customers’ development team to achieve the best resulting end product. The department works incessantly to develop new products with diverse flavors, while using state-of-the-art technologies, superior quality raw materials, and strict quality control.

The company’s customers include leading food manufacturers in Israel, and industrial and private consumers worldwide.

The factory operates under Ministry of Health license and supervision, and meets ISO9001: 2000 quality standards.

All products manufactured at the factory are under the strictest Kashrut certification and supervision.

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